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9DE1-16 Ultra lightweight wheelchair

9DE1-16 Ultra lightweight wheelchair

Ideal for navigating through narrow spaces, this model features fixed armrests, footrests, dual-purpose brakes, and positioning pedals. Designed for year-round comfort, it provides warmth in winter and a cool feel in summer. The double-layer seat back upholstery ensures added comfort, and the backrest can be folded to minimize the folding volume.


Individuals facing physical disabilities, those who have experienced a stroke, those with multiple disabilities, and patients with restricted mobility


Seat width 16" / 18"
Seat depth 380mm
Seat Height 490mm±10mm
Back Height 380mm
Armrest Height ~mm
Lower leg length ~mm
Front/Rear Wheels 6" / 16 "
Seat Upholstery Double layer
Back Upholstery Double layer
Anti-Tipper Can be purchased additionally
Weight 9.8kg
Maximum load 100kg


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