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MF-58C7 Lightweight Reclining Wheelchair

MF-58C7 Lightweight Reclining Wheelchair

Featuring dual-purpose brakes in the headrest set, foldable armrests on the backrest, and handrails with stepless lifting and lowering adjustment functions. It also includes a reclining shift function ranging from 93° to 160°, and a removable, washable double-layer seat back cushion.

Suitable for individuals with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, muscle atrophy, stroke, cerebellar atrophy, and head and neck trauma.


Seat Width 16" / 18"
Seat Depth 430mm
Seat Height 530mm±10mm
Back Height 780mm
Armrest Height 285~356mm
Lower Leg Length 420~520mm
Front/Rear Wheels 8" / 12"
Seat Upholstery Double Layer
Back Upholstery Double Layer
Anti-Tipper Standard Removable
Weight 20kg
Maximum load 100kg

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