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9TR22 Lightweight Tilt and Recline Wheelchair

9TR22 Lightweight Tilt and Recline Wheelchair

Featuring a back-lying space design with a function ranging from 90° to 160°, as well as a mid-air tilting design from 90° to 120°. The double-layer seat back upholstery is removable and washable, along with a detachable headrest set. The backrest and armrests are foldable, and the armrests are also removable with lifting feet, allowing for weightless lifting adjustment.

Individuals with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, muscle atrophy, stroke, cerebellar atrophy, and head and neck trauma.


Seat Width 16" / 18"
Seat Depth 410mm
Seat Height 480mm±10mm
Back Height 870mm
Armrest Height 285~356mm
Lower leg length 420~520mm
front and rear wheels 7" / 22 "
Seat Upholstery Double layer
Back Upholstery Double layer
Anti-tipper Standard removable
Weight 23.5kg
Maximum load 125kg

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