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9D22 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

9D22 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

9D22 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair—a versatile and compact mobility solution tailored for maneuvering through narrow passages. This wheelchair features fixed armrests with drum brakes for added safety, foldable footrests, and a space-saving design with a foldable backrest. The inclusion of dial-out pedals ensures easy entry and exit. Ideal for individuals with physical disabilities, stroke survivors, multiple disabilities, and patients with limited mobility, the 9D22 offers a blend of convenience and accessibility for enhanced mobility in various environments.


Seat Width 16" / 18"
Seat Depth 380mm
Seat Height 490mm±10mm
Back Height 380mm
Armrest Height ~ mm
Lower Leg Length ~ mm
Front/Rear 6" / 22 "
Seat Upholstery Double Layer
Back Upholstery Double Layer
Anti-Tipper Optional
Weight 11.8kg
Maximum load 100kg


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